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Achieving health goals used to be as simple as taking workout classes and eating salad. Fortunately, the world has started to adopt holistic approaches when it comes to caring for the body, soul, and mind.

Wellness tourism refers to traveling with the goal of maintaining or improving one’s well-being, according to the Global Wellness Institute. It is predicted that this industry will reach the $1 trillion dollar mark in the coming years. Additionally, it is also considered one of the leading travel trends, based on multiple reports.

If you want to embrace your well-being while traveling, then there’s no need to go far. At Tiburon, you can find many nourishing and restorative destinations that promote a happy and healthy life. The following are some of the best ways to feel good while enjoying your adventure.

Enjoy Nature

Tiburon Tavern's Clubhouse Sandwich: The Ultimate Sandwich Experience.

According to studies, if you want to reduce your anxiety and stress, then all you have to do is be with nature. Additionally, it can also help in improving emotional well-being, encouraging pleasant feelings, as well as reducing muscle tension and blood pressure.

It’s a good thing that Tiburon offers you many ways to embrace its stunning natural surroundings. For instance, you can take the Angel Island-Tiburon Ferry and cross the water to reach Angel Island State Park. Here, you can enjoy a picnic, walk, or simply visit the Immigration Station.

There are beautiful sceneries and wildflowers that you can see on Tiburon’s Bike Path, which connects Blackie’s Pasture right down to downtown Tiburon. This is great if you’re just starting out since it has a flat, paved road. If you want a more challenging one, then you can bring some water, wear those hiking shoes, and spend your time hiking around St. Hilary’s Open Space, a vast preserve with an area of about 122 acres. Here, you can enjoy stunning views of Angel Island and the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco.

Discover a New Hobby or Revive an Old One

The spacious and elegant dining area at Tiburon Tavern, accommodating both small and large parties.

Regardless of your preferred pastime, hobbies can benefit both your mental and physical health. Spending time on what you enjoy or learning something new can help relieve stress and improve your mood.

Additionally, it’s an excellent way to grow your social connections, which can be rewarding. When visiting Downtown Tiburon, consider checking out Knit House, which offers project-based workshops, free knitting gatherings, and private crochet and knitting lessons.

Interested in Pilates? Visit Pilates Studio Tiburon to schedule a private session or join group classes to get back into the flow. To satisfy your curiosity about caviar, visit the Caviar Company to learn more about roe.

Get Some Sleep

Improved sleep is a popular trend in wellness travel. Fortunately, Tiburon offers two excellent options. The Lodge at Tiburon has a welcoming atmosphere and rustic vibe. It’s within walking distance of Main Street and offers opportunities for long walks around the area or along the Tiburon Bike Path.

It’s also pet-friendly, so you can bring your pets along. Enjoy reading by the pool, soaking up sunlight, or dining at the Tiburon Tavern, then sleep soundly in their guest rooms and suites. For a more romantic ambiance, visit the Water’s Edge Hotel, located in the heart of Main Street.

This modern hotel is quiet and serene, perfect for recharging. Enjoy views of San Francisco’s brilliant lights and sunlight over the bay. Breakfast is brought to your room every morning, and there’s a nightly wine reception.

Relaxing at the Spa

A cozy fireplace corner at Tiburon Tavern, adding warmth and charm to the dining experience.

It’s important to remind your body that it deserves to be cared for. At Tiburon Spa, enjoy a deep tissue or soothing massage, or attend semi-private or private yoga classes in a healing environment.

After a long walk on Tiburon’s hiking trails, treat your feet to a refreshing healing foot massage at Kinetic Waves. While there, consider their facial treatment, which uses gluten-free and organic ingredients.

For a rejuvenating experience, try a Reiki session. This ancient Japanese method restores life energy or Chi in your body, leaving you feeling more focused, calm, and ready to face the year ahead.

How to Spend a Day in This Picturesque Seaside Town

The inviting outdoor patio of Tiburon Tavern, offering al fresco dining with a view.

Even though Tiburon is just a small coastal town, it is the perfect place for a relaxing one-day trip. Here, you can find a whimsical downtown, an extensive area of preserved trails, beautiful seascapes, and a bit of laid-back luxury. Tiburon is definitely one of the Bay Area’s hidden secrets.

Whether you want to challenge yourself by conquering mountain trails or simply want to enjoy this small town, this guide can be a big help! Here, you can find the best places to stay and dine, as well as how to explore this picture-perfect coastal town.

Board the Golden Gate Ferry

First, you have to take a ferry ride to reach the coastal town of Tiburon. While boarding the Golden Gate Ferry, don’t forget to take shots of the stunning skyline as it gradually fades into the air.

Keep in mind that this is just the start of your Tiburon adventure, and obviously, you want to share it with your family and friends. But before boarding the boat, take some time to explore the Ferry Building Marketplace, which has a great collection of restaurants, boutiques, bookstores, coffee shops, bakeries, and so much more.

Ride a Bike Around Angel Island State Park

Renzo and Crystal Azzarello, passionate owners of Tiburon Tavern, bringing their culinary expertise to the forefront.

Rent a mountain bike and explore the Angel Island State Park. Start biking at Ayala Cove, then move through the Pacific coastline of Tiburon, then finally to the East Bay. Take a rest at Camp Reynolds and visit the world’s ancient Civil War buildings.

While you are on the East side, continue riding through Quarry Beach. Just a helpful tip, don’t forget to bring with you your camera so you can take some shots at those snap-worthy views.

Dine at Tiburon Tavern

Dining at Tiburon Tavern is more than just a meal; it’s an experience that encapsulates the charm and warmth of Tiburon itself. Renzo and Crystal’s dedication to creating a welcoming environment shines through in every aspect of the tavern, making it a must-visit spot when you’re in town.

Whether you’re looking for a delicious meal after a day of exploring Tiburon’s scenic trails or seeking a cozy atmosphere to unwind with friends and family, Tiburon Tavern has you covered. Their commitment to exceptional customer service ensures that every guest feels right at home, while their dog-friendly policy adds an extra touch of warmth to the dining experience.

From mouthwatering dishes crafted with care to a welcoming ambiance that invites you to linger, Tiburon Tavern embodies the essence of hospitality. So, whether you’re a local looking for your new favorite spot or a visitor eager to experience the heart of Tiburon, dining at Tiburon Tavern is an experience not to be missed.

At Tiburon Tavern, you can enjoy dining while listening to some wonderful music. A perfect venue for any events. For more information, just email us at or call us at 415-435-5996.