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Upon seeing the beautiful town of Tiburon, you’re immediately reminded of the luxurious lifestyle synonymous with California. This ideal community nestled in the metropolitan area has grown even more appealing over time, thanks in part to its rich history.

Tiburon encompasses the greater part of the Tiburon Peninsula, surrounded on three sides by water, extending southward to the magnificent San Francisco Bay.

The area boasts stunning real estate, with many estate homes offering captivating views of iconic landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Angel Island, San Pablo Bay, San Francisco Bay, and the renowned skyline of San Francisco.

A stroll down Main Street in downtown Tiburon evokes the charm of quaint fishing villages, with an array of fine dining restaurants and charming boutiques catering to both tourists and locals alike. With its award-winning schools, exclusive lifestyle, and unparalleled beauty, Tiburon is rightfully regarded as one of the best places to visit or reside.

A Brief History of Tiburon

Renzo and Crystal Azzarello, passionate owners of Tiburon Tavern, bringing their culinary expertise to the forefront.

Tiburon’s name was bestowed by Spanish explorers in 1776, dubbed “Punta de Tiburon,” meaning “Point of Sharks.” Initially inhabited by the Coastal Miwok, who left petroglyphs in the area, Tiburon saw non-native settlers arrive in the 1830s after Mexican authorities granted land to John Reed, encompassing much of southern Marin.

With the establishment of a post office and its strategic location at the southern terminus of the Northwestern Pacific Railroad, Tiburon became a vital hub for transporting passengers and cargo to San Francisco. Today, remnants of this historic railroad town, along with homes from the late 1800s, can still be found in Old Town Tiburon.

In the 1890s, Tiburon’s Main Street, known as “Ark Row,” was adorned with arks, offering bohemian artists and sea captains a taste of the recreational houseboat lifestyle. Present-day visitors can savor the area’s charming atmosphere, complete with quaint cafes, art galleries, and waterfront restaurants accessible by boat.

Notably, in the 1930s, Al Capone passed through Tiburon en route to Alcatraz Island, leaving a mark on the town’s storied past. Rich in history and culturally influenced by its enchanting heritage, Tiburon continues to captivate visitors with its timeless allure.

Where Is Tiburon Located?

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Tiburon conveniently sits just north of San Francisco, a mere 6 miles away. Fast ferry services provide easy access to this sophisticated community. Surrounded by water on three sides, Tiburon is shielded from Pacific winds by the splendid Mount Tamalpais.

Enjoying a Mediterranean climate, temperatures range from 38 to 85 degrees, with an average annual rainfall of 47 inches. The Tiburon Peninsula spans ten square miles of San Francisco Bay, stretching one mile wide and four miles long.

To the southeast lies the neighboring city of Belvedere, while a fifteen-minute ferry ride transports you to Angel Island State Park, also part of Tiburon. Corte Madera and Mill Valley serve as the town’s borders.

Along the hillsides of the Tiburon Peninsula, residents savor breathtaking views of late-twentieth-century homes against backdrops including the East Bay, Richardson Bay, Angel Island, San Francisco, and notably, the Golden Gate Bridge. Vast swaths of land are preserved for public enjoyment amidst these homes, which number around 4,000, mostly single-family dwellings.

How’s the Tiburon Real Estate?

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Contemporary living blends seamlessly with traditional-style cottages in Tiburon. Architectural marvels adorn the hillsides, while waterfront properties boast stunning engineering feats. Each residence is thoughtfully integrated into its natural surroundings, capitalizing on the area’s scenic beauty.

Historically, many Tiburon homes were built between 1960 and 1969, with an average price of $55,240 in 1970. By 2006, this figure had surged to approximately $1,976,600. Tiburon boasts a predominantly owner-occupied single-family housing landscape, a testament to the stability and desirability of the community.

What Schools are Found in Tiburon?

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Tiburon is part of the Reed Union School District, home to three renowned schools: Bel Aire Elementary, Reed Elementary, and Del Mar. All three have earned distinction as “California Distinguished Schools.” Additionally, the district hosts a Catholic primary school, St. Hilary School. The Reed Union School District is widely acclaimed as one of the nation’s top school districts.

Comprehensive services offered by the schools in the Reed Union School District include speech and language therapists, psychologists, aides for students with limited English proficiency, and an information services facilitator. Moreover, there’s a district health specialist and a part-time school nurse. Bel Aire and Reed schools also provide instructional aides for elementary classrooms.

Each school boasts a technology facilitator, along with physical education, art, and music teachers, as well as a special education resource specialist. Reading specialists oversee literacy programs and collaborate with Learning Center teachers to meet individual student needs. Spanish instruction is offered in grades three through eight.

Students have the option to utilize parent-sponsored school bus transportation to and from their schools. After-school programs are available through the recreation sections in Corte Madera and Belvedere/Tiburon, as well as through the Tiburon Peninsula’s Softball League, Soccer League, and Little League. The Belvedere-Tiburon Childcare Center operates at both Bel Aire and Reed schools.

Parents actively participate in activities organized by the Parent Teacher Association (PTA), offering assistance in libraries, classrooms, and other school areas. They also serve on the Board of Trustees and School Site Councils. Local businesses, community members, and parents contribute a portion of taxes to fund facility improvements. The Reed Schools Foundation allocates these funds for site enhancements, physical education, art, music, technology, and Spanish programs.

Residents of Tiburon are fortunate to have access to Redwood High School, renowned as one of the nation’s premier high schools, boasting the state’s highest graduation rates, test scores, and college acceptance rates. Additionally, several private schools are located in Sausalito.

How to Commute from Tiburon

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Tiburon is located 15.3 miles from San Francisco. By car, the journey typically takes around 25 minutes, barring any traffic delays. Another option is to utilize the Golden Gate Transit, which provides bus service to San Francisco.

Additionally, there’s a ferry service available, offering transportation to the San Francisco Ferry Building in approximately 35 minutes. During the summer months, late-night ferry services are also available. The Tiburon Ferry Landing is conveniently situated in downtown Tiburon, specifically on Main Street.

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