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If you take a road trip to central California, then most likely you won’t miss the splendid and winding Highway 1 as you are trying to reach the relaxing community of Tiburon, which contains at least 9,000 residents. Nestled just across the bay from San Francisco, Tiburon offers a small-town vibe that is very relaxing and welcoming. Perfect for exploring and enjoying an outdoor adventure.

Some of the outdoor adventures that you can enjoy in this town include biking, walkable streets, hiking, and water sports. However, Tiburon is not just a place that amazes everyone, including the native Californians.

In fact, this place is loaded with an impressive culinary scene, charming little restaurants and shops, as well as easy access to outdoor trails, fabulous islands, and of course, San Francisco. The following are the top four reasons why you’ll definitely fall in love with this relaxing Northern California town.

1. Angel Island State Park

The Lodge at Tiburon is situated in the heart of Tiburon’s downtown area. This newly renovated property is built on three acres of land. To prepare you for your outdoor adventure at Angel Island State Park, you can grab your ham and cheese croissant along with your latte at Caffe Acri, which is one of the locals’ favorite places.

Angel Island State Park is just a short walk across the waters. Considered the largest island in San Francisco, this island boasts 12 miles of roadways and trails, making it ideal for biking and hiking. Besides enjoying the best views of the Bay area, you can also have fun at the white sand beach. The Angel Island Tiburon Ferry is usually surrounded by sailboats.

Hiking And Biking

Angel Island does not only have a rich history in military, Civil War, and immigration, it is also surrounded with beautiful natural areas filled with wildlife, eucalyptus groves, and stunning views. On this island, you can enjoy hiking and biking on various trails. Although some trails are a bit challenging, the beautiful views of the bay are really worthwhile.

If you prefer an easier hike, then you can choose the 6.2-mile Perimeter Loop trail, which can be completed within 2 hours. You should avoid bringing your dogs since they are not allowed on the trails.

When going to the island, the best and easiest way is to take a ferry. You don’t have to pay for the entrance into the state park since it is already included in the fares on the ferry. Most likely, you only have to pay $20 or less for everything. There is a free ride for toddlers, however, if you take your bike with you, then you might need to pay an additional amount of $1.

Military And Immigration History

Angel Island is also rich in history. During the early years, the Coast Miwok used it as a place for gathering and seasonal hunting. From 1910 to 1940, hundreds of thousands of immigrants used Angel Island as the U.S. Immigration Station. During the Civil War with Camp Reynolds, this island played a significant role. However, it also had a dark experience when German and Japanese POWs were detained on the island during World War II.

In 1954, Angel Island became a state park. However, if you want to explore the military and immigration history of the island, then you have to walk about 1.5 miles from the ferry dock at Ayala Cove to reach the U.S. Immigration Station. At the station, you can view the USIS museum, outdoor interpretive displays, Chinese poetry engraved on the walls, and, most importantly, its restored detention areas.

You just need to follow the Northridge Trail, but be mindful that you’ll have to take at least 144 steps to Perimeter Road, which is considered the shortest way to the Immigration Station. Nevertheless, a shuttle is also available.

2. The Marin Loop

If you are planning to do “The Marin Loop,” then Tiburon is the best place to use as your home base. This includes amazing destinations, including the superb views of the Pacific Ocean at the Marin Headlands, Stinson Beach, or the border of the North American continent at Muir Beach Overlook.

Since Tiburon is just across the Golden Gate Bridge, you can take a trip to San Francisco to visit the largest Chinatown outside of Asia, which is San Francisco’s Chinatown, or hop and shop at the family playground of Fisherman’s Wharf.

If you still have some free time, then you can visit the vibrant rainbow Victorian houses and experience the hippie-era Flower Power area of the Haight-Ashbury District before going back to Tiburon for your dinner.

3. Local Dining

Here are some of the best places to eat at Tiburon:

Bungalow Kitchen

As you are trying to beat the chill outside, you can cozy up at the warm and friendly Bungalow Kitchen by Chef Michael Mina, located in Tiburon’s Main Street area. One of Chef Mina’s renowned dishes is the lobster pot pie. It is generously filled with a whole Maine lobster, tasty root vegetables, and a truffle-infused lobster bisque.

However, this is not the only dish that will make your mouth water and your taste buds cry out for more. You can indulge in the perfectly-cooked ribeye steak or savor the miso-broiled sea bass with king trumpets, along with sugar snap peas and watermelon radish as toppings. Finally, finish it off with ginger dashi.

Salt & Pepper

If you are looking for a comfortable casual American eatery, you can visit Salt & Pepper. Here, you can enjoy eating pasta, burgers, tender steaks, and seafood, making it worthwhile to stop by for your lunch.

Tiburon Tavern

At Tiburon Tavern, you can enjoy fresh, fine dining with your family and friends. Its owners, Renzo and Crystal Azzarello, also owned the nearby Luna Blu. The couple, along with their Sous Chef Selvin Vicente, assumed ownership of the restaurant after it closed down in 2020 due to the pandemic.

This rustic restaurant offers daily promotions such as Wine Wednesdays, Tacos and Tequila Tuesdays, and many more. We serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as brunch during the weekends. We also offer a kids menu and a happy hour menu. For more information, you can email us at or contact us at 415-435-5996.

Indeed, Tiburon is a traditional community where you get the chance to experience a high-quality culinary experience for any kind of taste. From succulent seafood dishes at the popular Sam’s Anchor Café to cozy coffee shops serving homemade pastries such as Caffe Acri, and most of all, the fabulous views of Angel Island and the Bay.

So, the next time you’re visiting the San Francisco Bay Area, you should choose Tiburon as your home base. It’s far from the hustle and bustle of the city; however, you’ll have easy access to everything. The stunning views alone can make you fall in love with this elegant Northern California town.