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If you are planning to organize an event, one of the important things for you to do is to secure a venue. If you’re in search of a great event venue in Tiburon, California, then you’re in the right place.

Here at Tiburon Tavern, we will be sharing a blog post discussing the seven things to consider when choosing an event venue in Tiburon so that you end up with the best event venue for you’re needs.

Organizing an event means you have to make a lot of important decisions. One of these decisions is choosing the right venue and location as it can make a huge impact on the outcome of your event.

The date of the event, number of guests, attendees’ experience, and catering options are only some of the important aspects that can be affected by the event venue and location that you will choose. 

When do you start looking for a venue for an upcoming event?

You must secure an event venue as soon as possible.

It’s important to consider three important factors when you are searching for a venue: budget, the estimated size of the event, and space requirements.

You can book an event venue at least 6-8 months in advance so that you will have adequate time to plan and do other important things such as getting a speaker, creating and distributing an event program, promoting the event, selling tickets, inviting and securing the special guests and attendees, etc. 

Here are seven things to consider when searching for an event venue:


If you are searching for a venue in Tiburon, California, you must choose a venue located within a reasonable distance from the guests and attendees.

If a lot of attendees are from out of town, then the venue must be easily accessible, with regards to transportation, or it should be near their hotels or accommodation so there will be no difficulty in accessing the venue. You must also consider parking options, traffic, and transportation. 

To avoid giving your attendees a hard time when looking for the venue location, you can provide a map or geolocation of the event.

Not only that, but you can also include driving directions and parking options, so that they will feel confident and have the assurance that they can head into the venue without any problems or without the fear of getting lose.  

If the venue is located in a huge area, then you can provide a map with a pinned location so that they can easily locate it. 

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Does the venue have a designated parking space for the guests and attendees? If there is no available parking lot, then you must check if there is a nearby parking lot that your guests can access during the event. 

Here are some tips to consider when the venue does not have a designated parking lot

  • You can also reserve nearby parking lots for your guests and include the cost to the ticket price or have them pay whenever they park their car. 
  • Check with Uber and Lyft to see if you can get discounts offered for your guests during the event. You can negotiate with them so you can set up and distribute a promo code to your attendees. 
  • Encourage the attendees to share a ride or get a taxi ride together.
  • Offer valet parking for the event. Providing a valet service can be important especially if you are hosting an upscale event. 


What is the capacity of the venue? You must know the room capacity of the venue so that you can accurately estimate how many guests can comfortably fit inside the location.

You must avoid overcrowding because this can cause a lot of issues for you and your guests during the event. There are additional concerns to pay attention to in an overcrowded venue; fire and safety codes in case of an emergency are just a couple of these. 

When it comes to catering, you must ask for the minimums. If they offer food and beverages, you must check the minimum food and beverage spending amount.

If your estimate is more than their minimum it means you will be an excellent client for them. You can also ask if they will provide complimentary service if your F and B spending reaches a specific level. 

You can make an adjustment based on attendee feedback; an adjustment can be made right before the event or even during the event. You can do a headcount so you can make the necessary adjustments as needed.  

Contract or agreement

You must get an official contract or an agreement with the venue provider because without it, you risk losing your venue at the last minute, which will result in a terrible experience for you and your guests.  

Due to the uncertainty of the pandemic, you must make sure to secure and negotiate flexible contract terms with your venue, as your event can be rescheduled, postponed, or canceled due to unexpected factors.

For example, if a natural disaster occurred, this might hinder your guests from attending the event, if the venue has a force majeure clause, you can inquire if they can add specific clauses to the agreement. By doing this, you can make sure that you don’t lose your deposit if you ever find yourself needing to reschedule or postpone your event.

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Venue amenities

Is the venue that you are renting a restaurant? If yes, ask them if they can provide food and beverages for your event. You can ask them if they will waive the facility fee and charge a down payment alongside the cost of the food and drinks for every attendee.

You must try out the food that they serve to ensure that their food and beverage tastes great. It’s important to choose a venue that serves quality food so the attendees will have a great experience. 

You must also inquire regarding the tables, chairs, and linens that you can use to set up for the event. If they have these items available, you can save a lot of money and effort by using what they have on hand, but you make sure to match it with the ambiance and theme of your event. 

Another thing to check for is if they have a set-up and cleanup crew. If they have a team that can help you set up and clean after the event, then you no longer have to hire an event team or find volunteers for the job. 

You must inquire if the venue has audio-visual equipment ready for use in case of an event. Most venues have built-in AV equipment, while others may require you to provide it on the day of the event. Sometimes they will provide you with AV equipment rental at a discounted price or included in the package that you have availed for the event. 

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Floor plan or layout

While finding an event venue early in the event planning process is important, you still have to plan the activities that you will be including, the amenities and equipment that you will need, and other resources that your team and the attendees will need during the event. 

To get a clearer picture of how to accommodate your event, an illustrated floor plan of the venue will be of good use. With this, you can take note of important aspects like the electrical outlets, where the AV equipment can be set up, how many restrooms are available, etc. 

The layout and floor plan can affect the different aspects of the event such as:

The flow of traffic – You must consider the flow of traffic during the event. Which areas will be in high traffic? Will it be the registration area or the lobby? Consider these when choosing your venue so that you will know how to set up the tables and décor.

Event activities – If you have invited special guests and VIP speakers for the event, the venue must have a stage or an area where you can set up a rented stage. Do you need a demo area or a bar?

Accessibility and ambiance

Check out the existing decor inside the venue. What architecture style or interior design do they have? If you are holding a special event like a wedding or engagement party you will need the ambiance to match the feeling of the event. 

Is the venue location accessible for everyone? You must consider your guests and attendees that have special needs. Can they access the building and its amenities? You can also ask the venue regarding the recent events they have previously hosted and whether they have catered to individuals with special needs so you can adjust accordingly. 

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Renzo and Crystal Azzarello's passion for sustainability, implementing eco-friendly practices at Tiburon Tavern to reduce waste and conserve resources.

Why choose Tiburon Tavern for your upcoming events

Our restaurant is made up of beautiful architecture that matches its great scenic views that will guarantee to make your event extraordinary.

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If you love delicious gourmet meals and great scenic views combined into one, Tiburon Tavern is worth checking out. If you want to check out our restaurant or if you are interested to hire us for your upcoming event please contact us by calling our phone number at 415-435-5996 or sending an email at

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