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Taking a vacation is a dream for many of us. Even more so if you found out that a weekend getaway does not only mean having fun but also improving your health. A few days of getting away for some me-time is incredibly essential. And here at Tiburon Tavern, we all love weekend getaways.

Whether you take advantage of the tour packages offered on the island, or just reserve a room at Tiburon Lodge for two nights and explore the island on your own – getting away to take time for yourself is beneficial for you. Here’s why.

A Short Getaway Improves Mental Health

One of the popular reasons people take short weekend getaways to Tiburon is to refresh their mental health.

A 2017 survey of 1,015 respondents by Enterprise Rent-A-Car found that people over 24 years old had four primary reasons for wanting to travel for the weekend. According to 43% of the survey participants, they would take short weekend getaways to escape stress. Thirty-nine percent wanted a break from the news, while 38 percent said they wanted to temporarily forget the current political climate. Twenty-four percent of the survey participants revealed that they wanted a social media detox.

Another good reason to take a quick getaway is to stimulate your creativity. Multiple studies on the effect of travel on the brain’s creativity levels have found a positive correlation between the two.

A weekend trip has a significant positive impact on your mental health. By going on a short weekend getaway or midweek escape to Tiburon, you reduce your stress levels, boost your creativity levels, and lower your worry levels.

Quick Trips Improve Your Physical Health

Physical health and mental health are equally important. People who go on vacations, no matter how short, are typically less stressed and have a lower risk of heart disease.

A study by Eaker Epidemiology Enterprises found that taking vacations come with several physical benefits. According to the study, women who seldom took vacations have about eight times the higher risk of having a heart attack or developing heart disease than those who took vacations at least twice a year. The study also found that men who didn’t take vacations at least once a year have a 21 percent higher risk of dying. Thirty-two percent of those men were at risk of dying from a heart attack.

Besides reducing your stress levels and improving your overall health, taking regular vacations can specifically reduce your risk of developing heart disease.

Vacations Can Help You Temporarily Detach From Society

Another effective way of relieving your stress is to disconnect from society, and a great way to do that is to go on weekend getaways, especially in Tiburon. 

Nowadays, people spend so much time on social media platforms. Going on a vacation can help your brain take a short break and recuperate from constantly processing information from the virtual world. Most workplaces utilize computers for communication among employees, and many workers also push themselves to the limit to the point of abusing their bodies when they work. Disconnecting from technology for even just a short period is an opportunity to rest your eyes, as well as your mind and body. 

Being around other people every day can also take a toll on your mind, and taking breaks to distance yourself from the crowd provides you a much-needed opportunity to put yourself and focus on yourself and your needs, and to stop worrying about other people’s needs. 

Weekend Getaways Are Not Too Expensive

One of the major factors to consider when planning a vacation is the cost. Big vacations can quickly become stressful because of the costs. Worrying about money can make you anxious. You may also be tempted to squeeze in as many activities as possible into your trip to get your money’s worth. In the end, the purpose of the vacation, which is to help you relax, will be forfeited. 

Quick getaways are not only easier to plan than longer ones, but they’re also cheaper. Short trips are easier to save up for because of the lower cost. This allows you to take weekend trips more often per year, instead of a big vacation once a year. 

At Tiburon, there are lots of fun activities and beautiful attractions to choose from. You can also enjoy delicious food and drinks from Tiburon Tavern. 

Getaways Can Strengthen Your Relationships

The mouthwatering aromas of a sizzling steak at Tiburon Tavern, promising a succulent and flavorful dining experience.

Going for a weekend getaway can also help strengthen your relationships with your loved ones. Trips bring people closer together, so they are popular options for couples who want to step away from the real world for a few days. If you feel like your relationship with your partner is stuck in a rut, you could help ignite the spark by going on a weekend getaway in Tiburon.

The same goes for families. If there are conflicts or tensions within the family, or if you simply want to try something new and exciting together, discovering a new place could be the best solution. Taking a weekend trip has huge benefits to your relationship, as the good fun can carry over into your real life at home. At Tiburon, you can do a lot of things to make your weekend getaway with your loved ones extra special. 

You can explore everything the island has the offer, or choose to spend your weekend in your hotel so you can relax and recharge for the week ahead.

Getaways Allow You to Experience Your Time With New Experiences

Taking quick vacations to another town in your state is a great opportunity to experience new things that you may not have the chance to encounter in your usual day-to-day life. Being a tourist somewhere else in your state can be lots of fun. In Tiburon, you can experience lots of fun things that the Bay area has to offer.

If you’re looking for an adventure, hop on the ten-minute Tiburon Ferry ride to Angel Island State Park and enjoy the hiking and biking trails. For a relaxing weekend, visit Tiburon’s Paradise Beach Park and enjoy a peaceful picnic, ride on a kayak, go swimming, or go fishing. 

You’ll Become More Interesting to Others

The inviting and comfortable lounge seating at Tiburon Tavern, perfect for enjoying a casual drink or appetizers.

By taking short vacations, you’ll learn more about the world, and you’ll be able to share exciting stories with your friends and co-workers. Planning a weekend getaway will make you seem more interesting in a conversation, and you’ll also have great opportunities to grow as a person. When you’ve reached Tiburon, try the local cuisine at Tiburon Tavern, as well as the recreation and historic sites so you can familiarize yourself with the place and culture. You’ll surely take home with you some great memories!

Weekend Getaway in Tiburon

Taking a short vacation away from home allows you to try something new, and who knows, you may even discover new favorite food, or a new hobby to you enjoy. If you’re looking for the best destination for a short weekend getaway in the Bay area, consider visiting Tiburon. And when you do, drop by at Tiburon Tavern for the most amazing dishes and drinks made from organic and locally-sourced ingredients by Tiburon Tavern’s Executive Chef, Babak Nasser.