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If you are searching for a great place with amazing views for a weekend getaway, Tiburon, California is perfect for you, especially if you live in San Francisco; it is only 30 minutes away. Tiburon is a great place for a day trip or a weekend getaway so you can unwind and enjoy a delicious meal while having a great time with your special someone or your friends. If you are searching for information about Tiburon California, you came to the right place. Here at Tiburon Tavern, we will be sharing with you the complete travel guide for Tiburon, California. If you think this will be beneficial information for you, make sure to keep reading below to find out. 

If you have not heard about Tiburon, California and you have seen some photos of it online, you may think it is not a place that you can find 30 minutes away from San Francisco, California. It is a town where you can find small shops and taverns lining up on its downtown streets. It is located in the northern part of San Francisco; where you can find a few national landmarks, such as Ferry Depot Museum and the Railroad. 

Tiburon belongs to a peninsula in Northern California; it is located in the Northern part of the bay area. It is a city in Marin County. You can find lots of luxury yachts with a breath-taking view of the San Francisco skyline. It has wonderful scenic views and a relaxing atmosphere which makes it a great choice for a weekend getaway or a mini vacation.

If you are interested to visit Angel Island, a popular area near Tiburon, you can access it via a ferry ride. It is a great place for individuals who love to spend time outdoors. You can ride a bike, go hiking with your special someone, family members, or friends. It is a place where you can enjoy delicious gourmet meals from restaurants like Tiburon Tavern. 

If you are going to Tiburon from San Francisco, what is the best route for you?

Since Tiburon is 30 minutes away from San Francisco, there are two ways for you to get there. If you prefer driving, you can drive and pass over the famous Golden Gate Bridge. If you want to take it easy, you can ride a ferry from Pier 41 at Fisherman’s Wharf, or you can ride The Embarcadero going to Tiburon which you can access on the Ferry Building. Tiburon is a 30-minute drive or a 40-minute ferry boat ride from San Francisco. 

If you love taking photos but you have decided to drive to Tiburon from San Francisco, you can stop at a few viewpoints in Marin County so you can capture a lot of amazing photos of the Golden Gate Bridge. If you take the ferry from downtown San Francisco, you can enjoy the breathtaking views while taking your time to capture photos of the Alcatraz, Angel Islands, and the Golden Gate Bridge. 

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7 Must-Try Activities In Tiburon

Take a stroll in Shoreline Park

You can take a stroll along Shoreline Park. Located in 311 Paradise Drive, this small waterfront park has awesome views of Angel Island, the Golden Gate Bridge, the San Francisco Bay, and the San Francisco skyline. You can have fun taking a stroll while taking lots of photos with your loved ones. If you are in the mood for a picnic, you can take cold drinks and a few sandwiches while enjoying the beautiful view. You can also watch the sailboats or you can stroll along to check out the Lyford Tower, and Elephant Rock. 

Check out the Hippie Tree

You can go to Gilmartin Drive to visit the hidden Hippie Tree. You can park your car and take a short walk from the road until you find a giant Eucalyptus Tree. It has two rope swings hanging from it. You can ride the swing while enjoying the lovely view of the San Francisco skyline and the bay area. 

Visit the famous landmarks Railroad and Ferry Depot Museum

The Railroad and Ferry Depot Museum is located at 1920 Paradise Drive, on the waterfront of Tiburon. You can find this building in the former San Francisco and North Pacific Railroad Station House and it was built in 1886. If you love history, you can have a great time checking it out. You can head upstairs to check the restored stationmaster’s living quarters. 

Go to see the Old St Hilary’s church

The Old St. Hilary’s church is located at 201 Esperanza Street, Tiburon. If you like visiting historical places, you will be amazed when you visit the Old St. Hilary’s church. It is a Carpenter Gothic church built in1888 using redwood and it is located on a hillside overlooking the whole town. It has great panoramic views of Tiburon, San Francisco, and the bay area. If you like to go hiking, you can check out the church’s several hiking trails that will lead to the Old St. Hilary’s Open Space Reserve. If you will be visiting during springtime, you can find lots of wildflowers and you can take photos of the horse statue. 

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Take a hike or ride a bike at Angel Island State Park

Angel Island is known as an island used as the US Immigration Station until 1940, and you can check out some of the buildings that are well preserved. You can take a stroll or take a hike in some of the hiking trails; the entire island is only 5 miles long, so you can enjoy walking around while enjoying the great views. If you want to enjoy a bike ride, you do not have to worry about cars. You can also swim on the beach or just enjoy a lovely picnic or sunset date with your special someone. There is a tram that provides guided tours if you are interested to go in one. 

Angel Island is a perfect place to take photos and enjoy panoramic views of Alcatraz, the Bay Area, Golden Gate Bridge, and San Francisco’s skyline. You can access Angel Island from Tiburon on a 10-minute ferry trip. You can ride on the Angel Island Ferry at the dock near the Waters Edge Hotel. The ferry is available 7 days a week, the round trip ferry ride costs only 15$ per person. You can pay the fee for the ferry using cash or check. 

Check out the Lyford Tower

Lyford Tower is a small Norman-style stone tower overlooking Angel Island. It is all that remains of a utopian village that never came to be. It is now empty but it is open to the public so you can check out the view of Angel Island. You can get to the Lyford Tower by walking up from downtown as there is no nearby parking in the area. 

Take photos of the China Cabin

The SS China was launched on December 8, 1866. It was then later scrapped after 13 years of service in the sea because of its wooden hull. The SS China was then decided to be burned for scrap metal and its social saloon was the only thing that was saved. The saloon was given a new name as China Cabin and nowadays, it is a popular place for celebrations like corporate and private parties, reunions, and weddings. It is located at 52 Beach Road Belvedere, Tiburon, California. 

Where to stay in Tiburon

If you are planning for a weekend getaway in Tiburon, you can check out the different lodges all over the area to see which one will suit your preferences and budget. 

Where to grab a bite in Tiburon

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