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If you ask most Americans, they will say that a tavern is a historic place for relaxation and enjoyment while having some food or drinks. Nevertheless, this description does not quite fit the true definition of these social gathering places.

To discover the history of the American tavern, we need to explore the history of America itself. Indeed, taverns have played an important role in shaping American history, from the early years through the Revolutionary War and the more recent civil rights movements. Let’s explore the role of taverns in helping America become what it is today.

What is a Tavern?

There are a lot of ways to answer this question. The American tavern is a combination of an inn and a public house. Historically, it is a place where people can enjoy their food and drinks while having a place to sleep for the night. Nevertheless, this definition is only a fraction of the whole meaning of a tavern.

One of the main functions of the American tavern is to serve food and drinks. However, during the early colonial era, the tavern played a more significant role in the greater community. These were the first buildings to be constructed in a new town, making them an essential part of the community rather than just for drinking and merrymaking.

During the arrival of the early Pilgrims on the American shore, they discovered a lovely, untamed land. However, the New World does not have sufficient services or infrastructure. According to historians, they consider the tavern to be a town center.

During that time, the tavern had several uses. Depending on the needs of the community and the town itself, the tavern can be used as a bank, jail, court of law, garrison, library, school, store, hospital, and many more. It was flexible back then since it had to support the birth of a new colony. In other words, it goes beyond satisfying the thirst and appetite of the people.

The Worldwide History of the Tavern

According to historians, the emergence of the tavern was also while trade, travel, and industry were introduced in New England. Moreover, the tavern is also considered a venue for establishing trade ideas, which is why it has a great impact on the Western world.

The birth of taverns and drinking establishments is simultaneous with the start of civilization itself. Nearly 4000 years ago, there were records of taverns in the Babylonian laws. In ancient Greece, food and drinks were served at the lesches, which was a place for meetings. Different elements of Greek society were carried on in ancient Rome, and one of them was the role of taverns.

During the early Roman period, men of social standing were not permitted to go into taverns; however, this did not prevent them from secretly visiting these places. After the Romans invaded England, taverns became hostelries, and thereafter they became ale houses. During the Middle Ages, English hotels became a place for criminals, travelers, and political rebels.

However, historians consider them the early versions of restaurants where foods are served at low prices, along with tobacco, wine, and ale. Taverns became an essential part of modern English life. The concept of the tavern traveled a long way until it reached the New World and made its unique impression on American life.

The Origin of the First American Taverns

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The history of American taverns can be traced back to the early days of the New World. When the British settlers first arrived on American soil, they encountered an uninhabited but hostile land.

The early settlers experienced food shortages and suffered from diseases while the Jamestown colony was struggling to settle down. Surprisingly, one of the first requests from the Jamestown colony to England was for two brewers. Perhaps these men only express how they miss some home comforts.

As more colonies emerged and settlers arrived, American taverns sprung up throughout the 17th century. Based on this, we can say that taverns had a significant role in the colonial period. The first taverns ever built were referred to as “ordinaries.”

The American colonists constructed them all over New England. It was approximately in the 1640s that taverns became rampant throughout the colonies. Determining the first American tavern is debatable. In 1607, the English settlers came to Virginia; however, the first licensed tavern was established in the mid-1630s.

Soon after, “ordinaries” became a necessity. In fact, in Massachusetts, towns that do not have a tavern will be fined. We have learned from the early days that the tavern played an important role in people’s lives.

They provided travelers with a place to eat, drink, relax, stay, and sleep for the night. However, it also served as a social place for discussion, news, debate, and games for the residents. Historians have provided us with some ideas about the function of the early tavern, especially during the early years in the colonies.

Although the colonists loved to drink, there was only a limited supply; hence, it should be managed and rationed. This is done in the tavern, where the distribution of the alcohol is controlled.

However, it is important to consider that drinking was not the only reason for establishing the tavern. Keep in mind that people can always drink in their homes or outdoors. However, there is something about the tavern that draws people, allowing them to go beyond having a meal and an ale.

Why is Tiburon Tavern Unique?

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If you want to enjoy fine dining in Tiburon, then the best place to go is Tiburon Tavern. Its owners, Renzo and Crystal Azzarello, create a cozy place in an eco-friendly environment. Renzo’s passion for culinary arts has been with him ever since he came to the California Bay Area from Sicily. Being on the historic Tiburon grounds for almost a decade has been an inspiration for the culinary offerings of Tiburon Tavern.

Renzo and Crystal Azzarello were also the owners of Luna Blu, which is a restaurant located nearby. After witnessing how the community greatly missed Tiburon Tavern after it closed during the 2020 pandemic, Renzo and Crystal Azzarell, along with their Sous Chef Selvin Vicente, planned to assume its ownership.

It was more than eight years ago when Renzo and Crystal first came to the Tavern, and it was during their honeymoon. They revealed that they enjoyed the “Yappy Hour” event along with the Milo Animal Sanctuary, where they adopted a puppy.

Now that the Tavern has reopened, the community is having a good time seeing familiar and new faces at the same time. The Tavern’s culinary offerings are dependent on the seasons.

Ultimately, you can guarantee that they are using fresh ingredients that are sourced from local farms and purveyors as well as from Marin County’s Certified Organic Farming community. This effective approach that supports local farmers is the reason why you are enjoying their remarkable and healthy dishes.

Tiburon Tavern offers dine-in and take-out. You can also enjoy live music while dining with your friends and family. We can also host a variety of events. You can make your reservation online. For more information, you can contact us at 415-435-5996 or send us an email at