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Tiburon, California is located just seven miles north of San Francisco. You can get there by driving a car from Highway 101 and Highway 131 or by ferry from downtown San Francisco. Currently, it has a population of 9,100.

It was on February 18, 1850, when Tiburon was discovered. Originally, this town was first inhabited by Native Americans. Its name was taken from the word tiburón, which means shark in Spanish. On June 23, 1964, Tiburon became a city. In 1882, the North Pacific Railroad came to Tiburon.

Angel Island

One of the main attractions of Tiburon is the Angel Island State Park. This parkland is located in the center of San Francisco Bay and has an area of 740 acres. For almost 100 years, Angel Island was used as an immigration station and an army base in San Francisco Bay. Nowadays, this island is frequently visited by bikers, hikers, and history enthusiasts. You can reach the island by ferry from the San Francisco Ferry Building or from Tiburon. These ferries will dock in Ayala Cove.

Cool Things to Do in Tiburon

While Tiburon is not a huge place, there are more than enough things that you can do over the weekend. 

Explore The Main Street and The Ark Row

On the Main Street of Tiburon, you can find some boutique shops, excellent restaurants, and a reputable hotel, the Water’s Edge. As you turn around the corner, you will find Ark Row, where you can see rows of houses, small shops, and restaurants. In the late 1800s, houseboats filled the Tiburon lagoon. Once it became full, these houseboats were transformed into permanent buildings. 

Visit The Railroad and Ferry Depot Museum

Tiburon was once a railroad hub. In 1884, the North Pacific Railroad arrived in Tiburon, and in 1967, the last train left. When they left, the land was donated to the city, and it was transformed into parkland. The old train station became the Railroad and Ferry Depot Museum. Here, you can find the history of this local railroad.

The expertly crafted desserts at Tiburon Tavern, tempting guests with their decadent flavors and exquisite presentation.

Biking In the Paradise Loop

If you are not yet tired from biking on Angel Island, then you can proceed to the Paradise Loop. You could borrow a bike from the hotel where you are staying and get up first thing in the morning so you can be on your way.

Riding early in the morning seemed to be a good idea since there is no bike path. You can start biking from the main street, then proceed towards the Railroad and Ferry Depot Museum. Once the bike path ends, you can then continue towards Paradise Drive, and you will reach Lyford Tower.

Relax At the Paradise Beach County Park

Paradise Drive winds up at the Paradise Beach County Park, which is a favorite among the locals. In this area of Tiburon, you can see the San Quinton Prison, as well as the Richmond Bridge.

Hike In the Ring Mountain

If you want to have the best views while hiking in the Bay Area, then you can take a hike on top of Ring Mountain in springtime. During this time, wildflowers cover the fields while the grass looks green. When hiking, you can choose the Phyllis Ellman Loop Trail.

Start from the bottom of the mountain then go up to Turtle Rock and Petroglyph Rock. If you can’t accomplish the entire hike because you have no more energy or time, then you can simply drive to the end of Reed Ranch Road. Start hiking on the fire road then proceed to the top.

Where Should You Stay in Tiburon?

The Water’s Edge has a very convenient location. From the back deck of the hotel, you can see the splendid view of San Francisco. It is located beside two restaurants that have outdoor patios. And on the other side is the Angel Island Ferry.

Generally, they have a wine reception. However, due to COVID-19, they simply give their clients a small bottle of wine along with some snacks. You can enjoy these at the back deck. If you are interested in cycling around the Paradise Loop, then you can use one of their free loaner bikes.

All of their rooms are well-lit and spacious as well. From the balcony or window in your room, you can see Sam’s Anchor Cafe and the yacht club. Each room is equipped with a functional fireplace, a lighter, and some logs. Additionally, the rooms have USB adapters and various types of plugs which are essential for travelers. You can also find a small fridge and a microwave in every room. Be sure to book your order the night before, so your breakfast will be delivered to your room in the morning. 

Renzo and Crystal Azzarello's commitment to supporting sustainable fishing practices, offering a delectable selection of seafood dishes at Tiburon Tavern.

Where Should You Eat in Tiburon?

Sam’s Anchor Cafe

Aside from having a large deck on the outside, you can also sail your boat towards their dock and enjoy boat service. When you are on the outdoor deck, simply choose a table with a metal bench. Since these benches are heated, then you do not need those blankets and heaters on a cold evening.

You can find that their menu is a bit casual. For instance, you can have a Caesar salad, some crab cakes, as well as a Sam’s Burger with bacon. All of these are great; however, you will really be impressed with their blue cheese garlic bread.

Salt and Pepper

Here, you can find a lot of tables inside and out. For breakfast, you can order the breakfast burrito or ricotta pancakes with fruit. These are excellent choices. However, you can also have pasta, seafood, and grilled items for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There is a range of choices on the breakfast/lunch menu from burgers, tacos, and sandwiches to seared scallop salad, phanaeng vegetable curry, and eggs benedict.

Rustic Bakery

If you are looking for a breakfast panini and a fresh-baked muffin, then you can visit the Rustic Bakery. You can just imagine the smell of freshly-baked muffins, scones, or bread. If you have more time, then you can also taste the seasonal strawberry white chocolate scone. You can eat this on one of their picnic tables or you could take them with you.

Tiburon Tavern

For a relaxing atmosphere, you can visit the Tiburon Tavern. Here, you can find peace of mind while enjoying their tasty, diverse, gourmet menu. There is a wide variety of choices for the main dishes, sides, and appetizers. You can either choose non-alcoholic or alcoholic beverages.

The vibrant and refreshing flavors of a seasonal salad at Tiburon Tavern, highlighting the best of local produce.

The Executive Chef of Tiburon Tavern is Babak Nasser. Nasser will gladly accommodate the different demands of clients. Since this restaurant is located inside a hotel, most of the customers are travelers who are either looking for a casual bar meal, a finely plated dinner, or simply some comfort foods.

Nasser has extensive culinary experience, ensuring that he can provide for everyone’s preferences. He is originally from Iran and received his training in central Italy. He has worked in several hotel properties and restaurants all over the world. Nasser recently worked at the St. Regis in San Francisco. However, he also worked in different locations of Fairmont Hotels & Resorts including San Francisco, downtown Pittsburg, Santa Monica, Toronto, and Vancouver.

Tiburon Tavern was founded by Renzo and Crystal Azzarello in 2013, while they were having their honeymoon in Tiburon. They were having their romantic stroll on Main Street when they discovered this vacant restaurant. They renovated the place and turned it into a beautiful spot. Executive Chef Renzo Azzarello has been involved in the restaurant business for more than 15 years, while his wife Crystal Azzarello assists him in remodeling the front of the house. 

Tiburon Tavern serves weekend brunch, dinner, and lunch. The meat and poultry came from small farms and are raised naturally. They only serve sustainable seafood since they are affiliated with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Program. As much as possible, they try to serve organic produce. For large groups or for a romantic dinner, you should try Luna Blu, which means blue moon in Italian. It refers to something rare or special, hence, “once in a blue moon”. At Tiburon Tavern, you can create happy and special memories.

For breakfast, you can have an All American, Steak & Eggs, Tavern Eggs Benedict, Frittata Italiana, etc. For the salads, you can choose a Quinoa Salad, Caesar Salad, Butter Lettuce Salad as well as Organic Field Greens Salad.


If you are looking to spend a relaxing weekend, then you should visit Tiburon. There are a lot of beautiful places that you can explore. Additionally, there are many activities that you can do both in Tiburon and on Angel Island. If you are getting tired and hungry from your adventures, then there are numerous places to eat in Tiburon. At Tiburon Tavern, there are different options for you. We can also host various events such as gatherings, corporate celebrations, social events, dinners, and any kind of celebration. We can accommodate different sizes and can customize according to your needs. We can also host private events. For reservations or other information, you can call us at 415-435-5996 or send us a message at