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A lot of people fancy eating out at their favorite restaurants. Most prefer places where they can enjoy their meals and listen to live music simultaneously.

Did you know there is a direct connection between listening to music and having a great dining experience? Studies show that music is strongly linked to feeling healthier and happier. Choosing the right type of music can improve your relationship with food as well.

Why Dining Places Offer Music

Among the restaurants you love going to, did you ever ask yourself why you like them? It can be about the great food, the lovely atmosphere, or the courteous staff. Whatever it is, if a venue makes you uncomfortable, you won’t be going there again, no matter how good the food or friendly the staff is.

When you feel uncomfortable, your body elicits a stress response. It goes either into fight or flight mode. Dining in this state, you’ll not likely enjoy your food. Even if it tastes great, your mind will be preoccupied with what makes you uncomfortable.

On the other hand, a positive and enjoyable atmosphere stimulates happy feelings. Good food, pleasant social interactions, and listening to live music produce a setting that you will totally enjoy. Music is a significant element in upholding a positive emotional response.

The happy hormone dopamine is released when you feel connected to people or have a good time in general. Surround yourself with a group of friends and family. Throw in live music and good food. This will create an enjoyable atmosphere where lots of happy hormones drift around.

Benefits of Listening to Music

On its own, music has proven to give powerful benefits to people’s health and welfare. Listening to it can improve your emotional status.
Regularly attending live music venues can also help support your physical well-being and social life. Doing so will give you opportunities to interact with people close to you. It also allows you to meet new friends and expand your circle of support.

Recent research found that fibromyalgia patients who listened to their preferred music with a 120-beat tempo per minute or less for ten minutes had decreased pain. Though needing further studies, this finding draws a picture of the correlation between music and soothing pain.

In 2007, Stanford University School of Medicine researchers discovered that students who listened to Baroque or Vivaldi displayed improved focus, attention, and memory span. This study suggests that listening to music may be better than cramming to study before an exam or spending extra training time before a sports competition.

Perhaps listening to live music is a passive activity, but many people affirm feeling physical and emotional changes from visiting a restaurant with live music. And while not all restaurants play live classical music, listening to one as you dine and interact with new and old people in your circle is still beneficial.

Benefits of Listening to Live Music While Dining

Renzo and Crystal Azzarello's commitment to providing a memorable dining experience that exceeds expectations at Tiburon Tavern.

A restaurant is mainly a place that provides food. The star of the show is their food and how they serve it. If live music is offered, it is considered to be icing on the cake.

Did you know that the kind of music playing in the background while you eat can affect the taste of your food? High-frequency sounds to enhance the sweetness in food, while low-frequency sounds highlight the bitterness. All restaurants must be aware of this to allow them to pick their live music carefully, so their diners can enjoy their meal.

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Live music gives the venue an enhanced ambiance

Most bars and restaurants hire their town’s local bands to play live music. They play jazz, Latin, and flamenco. As a dining customer, you can enjoy and even dance to different tunes if you feel like it. You can also relax as you sit in a cozy corner. The venue may be intricately decorated, but live music will add the ideal ambiance. With suitable lighting, it can also enhance romantic moods.

Diners get stress relief and positive energy

Go to a dining venue with live music, and you will most likely forget the stress and tension you had all day or week. Live music delivers the best ambiance to help you relax and have fun. As scientific evidence mentions, live music reduces stress by discharging happy hormones into your system. As they say, music soothes the soul and uplifts the body. Listening to it while interacting with your special someone is an excellent way to summon positive energy and relaxation.

Socialization is promoted

In social settings such as bars and restaurants, live music creates an environment that gives you freedom, belonging, and familiarity. You get to meet new people with whom you probably share common interests. With the thrill of live music, engaging in conversations and making new friends can be easy. The music will put you at ease by creating a friendly and relaxing atmosphere.

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It adds the thrill of live instruments

It is always a marvel to watch instruments being played live. You enjoy the music not just by listening but also by observing the band play their musical instruments. Another perk is that you can request your favorite song, especially if it’s the same genre they’re playing.

There is a ton to do in the charming waterfront city of Tiburon. It is an ideal destination for people who want laid-back and relaxing fun.
If you’re planning to go for a meal, it’s always a good idea to pick a place that plays live music and serves good food. You will have an immersive restaurant encounter that will make you happier and healthier.

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