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Tiburon, CA is a small, affluent city located just 17 miles north of San Francisco. This beautiful coastal town is where you can find the beautiful neighborhoods of Paradise Cay, El Campo, and Strawberry. It is also close to Angel Island State Park, the largest natural island in the San Francisco Bay area. The town of Tiburon is home to many wealthy residents and living in this upscale community comes with several great perks and benefits.

If you’re considering moving to Tiburon, below is a guide that can help you learn everything you need to know about this beautiful and luxurious neighborhood! 

The People of Tiburon, CA 

Tiburon is known for its wealthy and well-educated residents, including the late Robin Williams, writer Isabel Allende, and skier Jonny Moseley. 

In the 1970s, Tiburon only had 3000 residents, but as per the most recent numbers, Tiburon town now has over 9,200 residents, with a median age of over 50 years old. About 53.03% of Tiburon residents are female, while 46.07% are male. The majority of the population in Tiburon is white. About 83.1% are Caucasian, while 8.69% are Hispanic or Latino. The remaining 2.69% are of Asian descent. 

Best Things to Do in Tiburon

While Tiburon is known for being a quiet haven for families, it also boasts of the best attractions in the San Francisco Bay area, which makes it popular among residents and visitors alike.

One of the top attractions in Tiburon is Paradise Beach County Park.  This nicely landscaped attraction is located right along the Bay. The narrow and rocky beach is perfect for launching a kayak to explore the area. The breathtaking park also offers spectacular views, fishing spots, lounging areas, and open grassy areas where visitors can have a picnic. 

Another popular and fun thing to do in Tiburon is to take the ten-minute ride on the Angel Island Tiburon Ferry. Bay cruises offer an opportunity to see and learn about cities and landmarks along the Bay. The cruise also offers sunset experiences, whale watching, and fireworks viewing, depending on you the type of cruise you choose. Whether you’re looking for a unique experience or simply want to enjoy some time out on the water, hopping on the Angel Island Tiburon Ferry is one of the best things to do in Tiburon.

Cost of Living in Tiburon

If you are planning to relocate to Tiburon, one of the things you need to consider is how much it costs to live there. Living in Tiburon costs 2.5 times the California average and almost three times the national average due to higher costs of groceries, healthcare, and housing. 

The average price of homes in Tiburon is $2.96 million, while the average price of rent for a three-bedroom apartment is $5,781 per month. The price goes up to $6,022 per month for a home with four bedrooms. About 70% of Tiburon residents are homeowners.

Neighborhoods in Tiburon

Tiburon covers an area of about 13 square miles in between Richardson Bay and San Francisco Bay. The place offers its residents some beautiful sights from their backyards. Great communities that offer a sanctuary for families dot the map of Tiburon. Among the best neighborhoods in Tiburon are Bel Aire, Reed, Little Reed Heights, and Hilarita. 

Tiburon is at the southeasternmost point of Marin County. The zip code in Tiburon is 94920, and the area code is 415. There are also a variety of shopping destinations in this seaside town, such as the Ark Row Shopping Center, Woodlands Market, CVS, Nugget Market, Tiburon Wine, and the Local Spicery. 

Local Schools in Tiburon

Children between 5 and 17 years of age make up about 16.2% of the Tiburon population. 

In this town, most kids go from kindergarten to 8th grade together. The schools are relatively small with approximately 120 to 180 kids per grade. The schools closest to the town are part of the Reed Union Elementary School District. The closest high school is located 8 miles away in San Andreas High in Larkspur. There are no colleges located within the town borders, but Dominican University of California’s main campus is located 10 miles in San Rafael.

Jobs in Tiburon

The median household income in Tiburon, which is $151,429, is over 144% higher than the national average. Many Tiburon residents are retired, while those who are still working have high-paying jobs. You can find doctors lawyers, business executives, and tech people working among Tiburon locals. 

There aren’t many businesses operating in Tiburon. Most residents who work are employed in San Francisco, CA, which is about 17 miles away from the town. The commute from Tiburon to San Francisco generally takes around 30 minutes depending on traffic.

Weather in Tiburon

Like many other California cities, Tiburon also boasts of lovely weather conditions. Tiburon residents enjoy clear skies, and refreshing ocean air almost year-round. Locals and guests alike enjoy the desirable Tiburon weather by having a picnic at Blackie’s Pasture or the Old St. Hilary’s Open Space Preserve.

During summer, the average temperature in Tiburon varies between 55-65 degrees Fahrenheit. In winter, the temperature can slightly drop to between 45 to 54 degrees Fahrenheit. On average, Tiburon gets about 37 inches of rainfall in a year.

Top Restaurants in Tiburon

The inviting and stylish interior design of Tiburon Tavern, creating an atmosphere of modern elegance.

Tiburon is a small town with big dining. With plenty of delicious choices, everyone can find a nice place to satisfy their palate. One of the best restaurants in Tiburon is Tiburon Tavern, where you’ll find seafood dishes like fried calamari, grilled salmon, jumbo prawns, and so much more. Tiburon Tavern offers indoor dining, as well as heated patio seating where you can watch the town go by. 

Tiburon Tavern also has a cozy bar that locals and guests enjoy. The bar features a fireplace where you can enjoy your choice of wine or non-alcoholic drinks. Babak Nasser, the Chef at Tiburon Tavern, is an Iranian who received his culinary training in Italy. His extensive culinary resume helped him make his mark at restaurants around the world. 

Living in Tiburon 

There are so many things to love about Tiburon. If you’re thinking about calling this place your new home, make sure to go through the details we discussed above. 

If you’re planning to visit Tiburon for just a quick getaway, there are several ways for you to enjoy the area. Book a stay at The Lodge at Tiburon today, and get to enjoy delicious meals at Tiburon Tavern.